Company Profile

Shenzhen Opson Fine Model Co., Ltd. was established in 2001. In 2006, our company applied for the trademark "Opson", and the patent certificate was approved in August 2009 In September 2009, he obtained the "Opson" registered trademark certificate. In 2012, our company applied for another utility model patent. In 2012, our company established Shenzhen Upson Fine Model Co., Ltd. to market Upson fine model bicycles. DIY metal simulation bicycle model series products independently designed and produced by Shenzhen Oupusheng Fine Model Co., Ltd., with the proportion of 1:6 and 1:10, have passed the EU CE international quality system certification. This product has a brake system, which can be rotated and disassembled. We have finished product packaging and assembly package. The assembly package is equipped with tools and instructions, which can improve the hands-on ability and is popular with bicycle enthusiasts. In 2006, it entered the Korean market and the French market. In 2017, our high-end brand company Shenzhen Bailing Creative Model Co., Ltd. was established in Nanshan District, Shenzhen net

In June 2009, the product entered the Chinese market.

In 2010, it won the Hangzhou City Gift Bronze Award.

In 2015, the products of Shenzhen Opson Boutique Model Co., Ltd. entered the Japanese retail market and the British retail market, and were welcomed by foreign customers.

Shenzhen Opson Fine Model Co., Ltd. has professional designers who can customize various bicycle models for customers according to their needs. After 17 years of experience, the products of Shenzhen Upson Fine Model Co., Ltd. are becoming more and more perfect. International brands Lee, mobile communications, banks, etc. have used our bicycle models as gifts, which are special gifts for cycling competitions around Qinghai Lake, Beijing and Taihu Lake. Shenzhen Bicycle Association has also used our products as gifts, which used to be Phoenix bicycles in Shanghai, Merida Bicycle and Marushi Bicycle of Japan have customized bicycle models. Recently, they have customized bicycle models for Beijing's wild animal bicycles. In 2017, China's largest bike sharing models, such as Mobi, ofo and Xiaolan, were produced by our company. Now, our company is the largest manufacturer of bicycle models in China. In 2018, Harrow bicycle model was manufactured, and the products were more exquisite and recognized by more customers.

During the assembly process, you can also learn a lot of basic physical principles, such as the problem of friction, the application of the inertial law, the knowledge of stability, the knowledge of simple machinery, the knowledge of work and mechanical energy, the working principle of the transmission part, etc. It is a rare educational toy. After successful assembly, the product is also a beautiful artwork. It is a good partner for children's growth and is loved by parents and children around the world.

Function description of our bicycle model:

1. According to the physical structure of international classic bicycles and in combination with popular trends, the collection is scaled down and has a complete mechanical structure, which can be collected as a beautiful physical model.

2. Craft gifts: This product has good ornamental and decorative properties, and can be used as art furnishings or as craft gifts.

3. Develop intelligence and ability. Children (over 8 years old) and teenagers have trained their fingers' flexibility, logical thinking ability, imagination and practical ability by operating the process of mechanical assembly. It also cultivates some children's mechanical creativity interest and ability.

4. Adults can improve their mood.

5. Leisure sports.

6. Self satisfaction, reflecting your intelligence and ability, and enhancing your confidence.

Our company's high-quality and low-cost products, we adhere to a neutral and prosperous corporate culture, make friends and develop together

Comprehensive advantages of the Upson DIY bicycle model:

1. High quality: the product is made of zinc alloy by die casting, has undergone strict surface treatment process, and adopts environmental protection coating, meeting the environmental requirements of the European Union.

2. Variety: The product is divided into finished products (assembled), semi-finished products and complete parts according to the difficulty of assembly. Each model can have three kinds of packaging, and each variety has five colors. The products are dazzling.

3. Design science: This product connects some scientific and exquisite designs in its mechanical transmission, which makes the coincidence of the assembled works, the realization of the movement and control functions of the fineness and good operability, leaving the operator with unlimited ideas and creativity.

4. Interesting: The product is made according to the ratio of 1:8 or 1:6 of the bicycle. Each car has a brake system, and some also have a shock absorption system, which is similar to the real car. After the assembly, the product can be disassembled and assembled again, which can be used repeatedly.

5. Have a testing and evaluation system: the assembly package is equipped with tools and printed with instructions, and the assembly instructions contain test answers to evaluate whether the child's design meets the basic functions initially set and whether the quality of the assembled works meets the requirements.

Function description of Upson DIY bicycle model:

1. Collections. According to the physical structure of international classic bicycles and in combination with popular trends, the product is scaled down. With complete mechanical structure, it can be collected as a beautiful physical model.

2. Craft gifts. The product design is ingenious and reasonable, the production process is exquisite, small and unique, and has good ornamental and decorative properties. It can be used as artistic decorations and gifts.

3. Leisure sports. The product can properly move fingers and brain during assembly and disassembly. Keep the flexibility of finger movement, promote brain nerve relaxation, and play a role in self-cultivation. In particular, the elderly and people who lack physical activity for a long time. It can help to improve and prevent brain aging.

4. Improve your mood. In modern high rhythm life, people are often nervous and irritable, and their psychology is complex, lonely and turbid. This product is like a 'children's toy'. It arouses your 'childlike interest', makes you 'rejuvenate', relives the carefree and happy childhood, and recovers your virginity and peace of mind.

5. Develop intelligence and ability. Children (8 years old and above) and teenagers have exercised their finger flexibility through the operation of mechanical assembly process, and cultivated their brain's logical thinking ability, imagination and practical ability. It also cultivates and guides some children and teenagers' mechanical creation interest and ability, and is a good partner for children and teenagers to grow up. Seymour, a retired professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Peppert said, "The knowledge you learned in the process of doing things by hand leaves the deepest impression, which is more deeply rooted in your brain than anything anyone has taught you."

6. Self satisfaction. DO IT YOUSELF - Finish a miniature car with complex structure by yourself, reflect your ability and intelligence, enhance your confidence and stretch your mind.